NOTE: although we still believe we have the best school hot lunch option available in the greater Vancouver area, you can imagine that the pandemic and the subsequent closure of schools had a devastating impact on us. so some of the information on this web site about all the services we (used to) offer may be outdated. it is best to contact us with your inquiries. 



We believe we have the best solution to help your school implement a better lunch program.

If your primary goal is to raise funds for the PAC, our solution will help you raise more funds with less work. Why?:

  • we offer a rotating menu with some of our most popular items available every day and then we rotate through a set of ‘themed’ days that are pre-determined at the start of the school year.

Not only that but all our packaging can either be recycled or composted where facilities exists. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.