We believe we have the best solution to help your school implement a better lunch program.

If your primary goal is to raise funds for the PAC, our solution will help you raise more funds with less work. Why?:

  • We take all the set-up and admin out of your hands 
  • We don’t charge an annual fee for use of our ordering portal which means more dollars for the PAC!
  • We offer all of our menu all of the time. This means higher participation rates and happier kids because they can always choose what they like. Increased participation means increased PAC dollars!

If your lunch program is used as a service to the parents, we still make it a lot easier (and cheaper) for you. Our web portal is easy to set up and use and we deal with all parent inquiries.

Not only that but all our packaging can either be recycled or composted where facilities exists. 

If you can’t find enough volunteers, we can help there too! For a small fee we can have one of our staff help distribute the lunch.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.