Struggling to keep your biggest fundraiser going? No time? No Volunteers? We make it EASY!

all our food comes labeled and pre-sorted so you need a minimum numb of volunteers. you only need to send us your report once a week, and  we take care of the rest

Sick of greasy pizzas, questionable hot dogs and no greens?

Our menu is vast, varied and HEALTHY! Choose from over 140 different, freshly-prepared food choices kids will love! Our well-balanced menu has something for everyone and we follow the BC Health guidelines. 


LUNCH is served! We deliver all food labeled and separated by Division/Grade in separate hot and cold bags.

If you need help with the distribution, we can help.

Contact us now to learn more about our services.



Run your lunch program with ‘eaze’!

With our FREE on-line ordering platform at we make your lunch program ‘eazy’. 

  • No more setting up complicated menus
  • No more dealing with parent inquiries
  • No more lunch program financial administration